I am working with a Good Boss

For the past few days, I always heard sentiments from different people. Either from a friend, family member and even the very dear person to me my husband.

All of them has the same issue in their work life, the feeling of burn out, exhausted and emotionally tortured.

My reaction was “you just need a break”.

But when I got a chance to think deeply their thoughts I sincerely talk to them. These people are at the age between 29-34 years old definitely a well-experienced worker here in Dubai.

In their words, it seems they are losing their motivation and inspiration from their work surroundings.

Their statements are:

“Doing a hard work is fine as long as my boss has empathy and concern for his employees”
“In my age, I am looking for a boss whom I can look up to and learn something.”

I really feel sad for them as I know what is the feeling of working in a not friendly environment. I’ve been to that situation many times before I found my present company.

Every time I am remembering my younger working years I can only see darkness. 🙂 Darkness in the sense that I work with wrong people.

Thankfully those years of working with selfish, unconcern and nagger boss are over.

I and my colleague are all thankful that we are part of a team with a good boss. We are convinced that our company neither the boss are definitely not perfect but deserves our loyalty and hard work. The good attitude he gave to his employees are the reasons why we are working hard for his company with love, passion, and quality.

How I wish everyone can find a good boss for them to enjoy working every day. But in reality it is really hard to find but who knows.

Why am I feeling sounds so patriotic to our boss? Hoping he knows my blog site and able to read this maybe he will give me a raise… just kidding.

Well seriously speaking I would say he is a good leader because;

  • He is a professor by profession and heart. The way he is giving the task is something you will really think hard outside the box.
  • The supplier cannot easily please him, torturing their capacity seems fun to him. But the good thing is you will never see him treating the staff that way.
  • He knows the capacity of each staff. If he sees that one is being left behind he is trying hard to let that person learn and improve.
  • It is normal that bosses are sometimes not trusting our work 100%. But despite he has doubt and there are things need to be corrected. You will not feel offended by his approach.
  • Cheating of your rights and privilege is far from his mind and imagination. For my past two years of working with them, I don’t have any negative comments on this matter. Everything is according to the labor law.
  • Since he is a professor every word from him are something you will learn a lot. A word of wisdom that is practical and applicable to personal life.
  • Flexibility by all means. There is time for play, fun and course time of seriousness and professionalism.
  • Lover of competition. He wants us to learn the way he competes not with our colleague but from our supplier. By means of getting the best deal to win the client expectation.
  • Very good, bravo, excellent, perfect. The words he says when he likes your job. He is not selfish in giving commendations.
  • Thank You. The words that workers sometimes miss to hear. But in our team guided by the appreciative boss, he always says Thank You!

Comparing our boss to other bosses it seems I am just talking about our team leader or supervisor. This guy seems so humble but he is really the boss.  “the owner and whatever you called it.

Though I am not getting tons of money from my organization. But this is the company I will not trade for another one. I guess this is the advantage of being part of not so large firm. The bond and relationship at work are healthier and happier.

Like what I always say in my previous work-related blog. This is the first company I joined in that I never felt drained emotionally and wishing to escape.

Despite the pressure, the toxic and full workload. After a long working day, all of us are fine, happy and positive for another day.

Thanks to you Mr. GZ all of us love, respect, and value you 🙂

More success to your company!

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