No work no pay OFW

No work, No Pay during COVID for many Overseas Filipino Workers

No work No Pay how can OFWs survive abroad…

Like everybody else, Overseas Filipino Workers are struggling by the disaster brought by COVID-19.

Every particular person might be in several conditions, with different stories and struggles. Nevertheless, all are facing one thing in common, that is the daily survival.

Regardless of the situations of OFWs are in now, you can assure that they are doing their best to survive. They are fighting and trying to be strong despite being far from their families.

Sadly, affected OFWs don’t clearly know what help they can get from the government. Some are under the situation as below;

Working from Home

-There are some sectors that allow their staff to work from the comfort of their homes. Minor adjustment in terms of work-flow and routine are the good things in this setup.

-Workers would save a lot of time from traveling to and from the workplace, that extra hours can be used in other productive things.

-If you are one of the OFWs who are living with your families you are definitely enjoying the whole day spent with them.

-You feel safe and secure from getting a virus as you are familiar with the lesser people you are interacting with. (except during your groceries schedules)

Working from home sounds so great, however, there are some downside as well of this option;

-The monthly salary might not be in full amount as some companies might deduct the transportation allowance.

-Electric consumption will increase, that will be added to your monthly bill

-Most of the OFWs are living in a shared apartment, one should find the best way to set-up their temporary work station not disturbing the housemate’s limited areas.

-In some cases, flatmates are still on regular daily work schedules, make sure they will not be affected by your work habit. Work silently on your keyboard and low voice while having an online meeting might be struggling for some.

Mandatory Vacation

-Many firms mandatory send their staff off for a minimum of 1 to 2 months of local leave. This is a good option if one has enough paid leave to use for this unexpected vacation. If they don’t have they will have no choice but to take the no work no pay option.

-With this option, there are some companies that will give you the whole monthly salary package, while some will not. It is a normal practice that housing, meal or transportation allowance will be deducted from the total compensation. That amount is huge money for OFWs, sometimes it is almost half of the month-to-month wage.

Half-Day work and Half-Paid

-Some firms don’t prefer to let their employees work from home for many reasons. As an option, they will require the staff to work on half-day with half payment as well. For me, this is one of the fairest things to do by the employers. Salute for those companies applying this option.

Full-Day Work but not on full wage

-In this crisis, many would-be really taking advantage of the situation and will not be fair as above. Many companies cut the staff’s salary in half but they are still required to work full time.

No Work No Pay

OFWs will cry out if they are in this situation, as the necessary bills are steady. Top of that is the house rent which is really burdening if you don’t have any income. Most OFWs are just relying on their monthly salary to pay off all the bills abroad and in the Philippines. Many do not have sufficient funds at this time, hopefully, landlords would be good enough to understand if one would not be able to pay.

-A daily meal allowance is another thing that stressing out the unpaid OFWs. Though there are some organizations and individuals who are helping out, however, some OFWs are not in that same area. They are not capable of traveling to that place as well due to a lack of cash.


-All over the news, there are thousands of OFWs globally lose their jobs good thing if they are already in the Philippines. Nevertheless, some are still in their host countries not sure what to do. If this is the case, those OFWs are struggling hard to live day by day both emotionally and financially. They do not have any idea of how and when they can finally go back home.

At this time, none of us are aware when this crisis will end, the only hope of everyone is to survive safely.

Keep safe, pray hard, and be strong are the only messages I can give to my fellow OFW all over the world.

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