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Positive and Productive despite COVID

Positive COVID infected is getting worst, Despite this crisis let us help ourselves not to lose the focus. 

April 02, 2020 – Thursday, my second home buddy day during the COVID time.

COVID 19 issue is really stressful not only for me but world-wide. Getting worse is not enough to describe how bad the situation now for everyone. It leads to anxiety, scared and hopeless feelings for all of us. But, we know that each of our countries is doing the best they can to find a wise solution to beat this pandemic.

For a normal citizen like me, the best we can do is to follow whatever ordinance given to our places. The safety of the community is the top priority now as a positive COVID case is worsening. Let’s just do our part simply by following.

Staying home is the best way to do that! Let’s just take this opportunity to do things that we always struggling to find time to do.

If you want to take a rest, sleep, watch movies the whole day, do it. If this is your best way to free your mind for this toxic situation.

While for me I will use this time to meditate, read a lot and learn new things. I know that no matter how hard I think about this issue and follow the news regularly, it will not be helpful or healthy. Instead, it will only add up to my stress and worries.

This situation really gives a lot of lessons for everyone. One of the values that I also realize is to be appreciative no matter how simple our life will be.


Hubby and I woke up a bit late today, enough sleep is what we really need for this break. After giving thanks Above we enjoyed our simple Korean Noodles meal with a fried egg.

How about you guys, how do you manage the long free hours at home? share us so we can get an idea from you.

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