Dubai's Top 10 Free

Dubai’s Top 10 Free Places to explore this wintertime

Dubai’s Top 10 Free Places that Great to Explore especially this wintertime!

December is the most perfect time to explore and visit Dubai where the hot weather gets better.

It is the month that many are waiting for so they can finally enjoy their weekend around the city.

Though Dubai is known as being an extravagant and expensive place, there are still activities you can do without spending so much.

If you are new to the country and planning to explore, you might want to include below top 10 most chosen free destinations.

Let me tour you around!

Dubai’s Top 10 Free Places


1. The Pointe Dubai

It is located in the Palm Dubai and the best spot where you can see the amazing view of Atlantis Hotel.
This is the ideal place if you want to just walk around enjoy the day with a beautiful view of the beach and some wall arts.
There are many restaurants and cafes are available here as well.

The Pointe atlantis view


2. Lamer Beach

As per their advertisement, it is true that in Lamer Beach you can Find Your Happiness in the sun!

This is one of the great beaches that favorite of everyone’s to hit on during the weekend. You wouldn’t need to travel far from Dubai and spend a lot to enjoy your dip on this nice beach.

Second to the beach dip, having breakfast at one of their beachfront restaurants is one of the relaxing to do here.

Dubai's Top 10 Free lamer beach

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Go to Dubai Mall if you would like to see one of Dubai’s icon. From here you can take a short walk to see the 3. Burj Khalifa and be amazed by the 4. Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa is known worldwide because of the many world record awarded to this structure. One of them is having the World’s highest restaurant (Atmosphere): which is on the 122nd floor.

Dubai's Top 10 Free burj khalifa

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The Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain system located on the 12 hectares (30 acres) of Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of Downtown Dubai.

Dubai's Top 10 Free dubai fountain

Another Dubai’s record holder that you should visit and see live is the 5. Dubai Frame.

It holds the world record as being the largest frame.

To see this up close, you would need to go to Zabeel Park.

Dubai's Top 10 Free dubai frame

6. Dubai Water Canal

If you are looking for a lovely place to just sit, walk, or bike in the morning time Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk is perfect.

While at night you will enjoy seeing one of the most spectacular parts of the canal, the water feature gushing down from the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge, with a purple and green changing light at night.

Dubai's Top 10 Free dubai water canal

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For art lovers, you will surely appreciate walking around the Karama area where you can see some beautiful 7. Street Wall Art

After art appreciation, you can spend the day at the Karama market if you want to check some good cheap finds.

In this area you can also enjoy your meal in a simple and affordable restaurant, some of those meals are the Shawarma and grilled chicken.

Dubai's Top 10 Free Karama wall street

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Some think that most of the tourist destinations in Dubai are mainly the modern concept, like malls, buildings, and structures.

However, some new places develop maintaining the real UAE vibe. One of them is the 8. Al Seef, try to explore the streets of Al Seef and feel the old days of Dubai.

Great that some part of Al Seef has still the old part of this place, and the rest has the modern view.
Shopping and Dining are the best to do here.

Dubai's Top 10 Free Alseef

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If you want to experience the different view of Dubai and to feel a more local experience, 9. Dubai Old Souq is the right place to explore.
This is a famous Souq long time where you can find varieties of spices, beautiful and colorful textile.

Dubai's Top 10 Free Dubai Old Souq

After exploring Old Souq, you may want to know better the UAE’s history deeply.

The best place to see how the Emiratis life then, how this country evolve and became popular is the 10. Dubai Museum

In less than AED5.00 or almost free, you will get a chance to know UAE, learn and appreciate how they became a successful country in the Gulf region.

Dubai's Top 10 Free Dubai Museum

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And like what most of the locals favorite thing to do after a long walks throughout Dubai you may also want to go for a relaxing massage such a nice treat for yourself!

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And, don’t forget to include this Dubai’s Top 10 Free Places for your complete experience.


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