How to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos: Everything You Need to Know

How to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to settle down with your partner and take the next step which is marriage while in the UAE? If so, read on as we’ve created a guide on marriage for Filipinos in UAE either to a fellow Filipino or foreign national. Read More about Dubai court marriage!


Filipino Muslim Marriage in UAE

If you’re a Muslim Filipino or converting to Muslim to marry your Muslim partner in UAE, then there’s a couple of things you should check. This is to ensure that you are qualified to wed in UAE. Here are the general requirements for Filipino Muslim marriage:

  • Parties to a marriage must be holders of Iqama (residency permits)
  • The female should have permission written by the current sponsor of the residency permit
  • Written consent must be given, stating agreement to terms to marriage in UAE
  • Religious practices have to be agreed upon and completed
  • Letter of approval should be submitted to competent authorities
  • Presence of two male witnesses
  • Medical report (copy and original document)
  • Attendance of spouses
  • Attendance of female or bride’s guardian

Note: a Filipino bride married to a local or UAE national can be eligible for nationality by citizenship seven years from application’s submission date to the local authority, the Federal Authority on Identity and Citizenship in the event that the couple has a child or more. Any child that is born from marriage of a UAE national and Filipino can receive citizenship in UAE upon birth. If the woman or bride is a UAE national who’s intent is to marry a Filipino national, courts have to decide on the marriage, and it will depend on a case-to-case basis.

UAE women who have obtained UAE citizenship through dependency aren’t allowed in marrying Filipino men in UAE or any expatriate.


Filipino Christian Marriage in UAE

In order to have a Christian wedding in UAE, there is a need to submit the requirements, including:

  • Passports of applicants
  • Passport size photos
  • Marital status certificate (should indicate whether applicants are single, widowed or divorced)
  • Birth certificates


Marital status certificate has to be approved by the UAE consulate of the couple. For a UK national marrying a Filipino, he/she is required in applying for marriage at the embassy located in UAE two months prior to the wedding’s scheduled date. For the ceremony, a reverend is only allowed legally in marrying couples inside a church.


Marriage at the Philippine Embassy

If you intend to marry at the Philippine embassy in UAE, you have to have an appointment approved as walk in marriage applicants are not entertained. It is best to contact a marriage lawyer in Dubai like HHS Lawyer to ensure there are no complications with the marriage.

Marriage at the Philippine embassy is possible provided that it is between two Filipinos and it is done within the Philippine embassy. An application can be submitted for a marriage certificate or license together with the following:

  • Birth certificate of the bride that is issue by Philippine Statistics Authority (apostilled for original copy and three photocopies)
  • CENOMAR of bride issued by Philippine Statistics Authority not more than size months prior to date of marriage (apostilled by Dept of Foreign Affairs)
  • valid Philippine passport of bride (original and four photocopies)
  • Birth certificate of groom issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (apostilled from Dept. of Foreign Affairs)
  • CENOMAR of groom issued not more than six months from date of marriage (apostilled)
  • Bride and groom’s recent photos (must be colored)
  • Payment of fees
  • Amended PSA marriage license or certificate that has been annotated for annulment (should be apostilled by Dept of Foreign Affairs) – this is for a bride or groom that has a previous marriage which was duly annulled by a competent court
  • Amended PSA marriage license that has been annotated for annulment (should be apostilled by Dept of Foreign Affairs) – this is for a bride or groom whose previous marriage duly dissolved by a competent court
  • Deceased spouse’s death certificate (apostilled by Dept of Foreign Affairs) – this is for a widower or widow
  • Affidavit of consent provided by parents for a bride or groom who is eighteen to twenty-one (18-21) years old (document must be notarized by a public notary in the Philippines)
  • Parental advice document notarized by a public notary in the Philippines for a bride or groom that is twenty-two to twenty-five (22-25) years old


The Philippine embassy in UAE publishes for ten days marriage license applications prior to marriage license issuance.

In the UAE, specifically Dubai, Filipinos are generally allowed to marry to any nationality or religion. However, the marriage procedures and requirements can vary, which is why it is best to consult with a marriage lawyer in Dubai. Lawyers and legal consultants are experts who will be able to provide a more tailored advice based on your specific situation.

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