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Old and Alone, The Top reason why being childless is scary

Old and Alone, how do you imagine yourself when you reach that stage of life.

Does it looks scary and worrying, it is understandable as no one wants to be alone in life.

No matter how loner one person is, there is a time that they need someone to be with and talk to. That is the nature of the human being.

The idea of growing alone is the main reason why there are people who always say and believe that they should have child in the future.

It sounds like this; the child they would have is their assurance in life that when they get older someone will be with them and taking care of them.

That is why many couples are being pressured to have a child, not just thinking that child would complete their family. Rather, they want to please the people who are pressuring them to have a child.

Those people who have always questions and putting doubt in mind that; who will take care of you when you get old?

Though that is realistic reasons. Since, the child should also be responsible for taking care of their old parents, show love and gratitude for their parent’s sacrifices.

What I think is not right in this belief is some parents who chose to have a child are using that as their assurance that their child is their insurance to not be alone.

Thinking that way sounds unrealistic, and unfair for some reasons ;

Reality is, you cannot surely rely on your children

Life is unpredictable

No one knows what would happen tomorrow, our life is unsure.

You are not even sure if you will reach the time of old age. If your main reasons for having a child is to be sure that someone can take care of you, that is so unfair for your child.

As realistically that even yourself cannot guarantee that you will be with them in the old age you are imagining now.

Change of Priorities

You might be your child’s first love and their priority but the question is until when?

Never forget that your child will also grow old. And during that stage, their thinking, plans, and priorities change.

They might decide to live in another part of the world where bringing their old parent is hard. The reality and very common nowadays, your child will opt to ask someone to take care of you.

Your child will build their Kingdom

No matter what the promises they made to you during their childhood, you cannot hold to that when they start to have their own families.

Sometimes, no matter how much your child loves you. they cannot take care of you the way you think of it.

Your child will love you forever but how about their future partner?

Once your child has already their own families, you cannot expect nor dictates to them how to take care of you.

Your child will be the one to decide the suitable way for them in taking care of you

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The bottom-line of the above is having a child is not an assurance that you will not be alone in your old age.

If you would think deeply, the reason here might not be about being lonely when you get old, but the worries of life might be difficult without someone giving you emotional and financial support.

For some, do not be afraid, we should all be responsible for our life, while we are young and strong, do the best preparation we can for our old age.

And never always think nor rely on other people to carry us. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow!


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