Happily Married Life without Kids, is that possible?

Happily Married Life without Kids, is that possible?

The answer to the above questions would vary depends on one belief, culture, and values.

Some would say Yes but mostly would believe it is impossibleFor them, a family would never be complete if without a child.

In that case, let us just all respect their preference.

However, like what mentioned above, there are few couples who believe that child is not the source of happiness in one marriage.

Few couples chose not to have kids at all. They have various reasons such as; Health condition, Financial status, and the chosen lifestyle.

And their chosen decision made their married life easier and happier. Because they chose the option that they think suit and best for them.

But before you decide that you don’t want to have a child, you should discus this matter seriously with your partner.

Remember, deciding on this issue is not one decision. The couple should agree on their chosen marriage lifestyle to avoid regrets, or blaming one another in the future.

If having child is not your priority, don’t worry you can still have a Happily Married life. Here’s how and why;

Married life without kids what are the advantage

Less Pressure

Though having a baby may add happiness and life to a home, we cannot deny the fact that it also adds pressure. The pressure leads to many worries, such as providing the baby’s daily needs, medication, and lots of attention. And most importantly, the parents are worrying on how to raise their child to be a good person.

Sometimes, this pressure give negative effects to the couple’s relationship. And if a stressful situation came, maybe some would not be able to handle the pressure well, because of these, they might have a constant misunderstanding that eventually drive them apart.

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In this case, the initial happiness the couple finds in the child might change to a loneliness.

Couple Quality Time

A happy marriage is a product of two happy individuals who are contented with their life and one another. If the couple doesn’t have much responsibility specially in raising a child they can spend their time together as much as possible.

They can enjoy their life freely, and use this chance to discover more themselves and each other.

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Though most people will see it as boring and lifeless marriage, a contented couple even without a child will never feel that way. Instead, they will see this as an advantage to build their relationship closer and become a best friend.



In marriage life, there will always come a time that you would need to do a big decision for a family matter.

A lot of things should be always put into consideration especially if you have kids. Let’s say a young couple wants to live in a different country, or this day that digital nomad lifestyle is becoming a thing, no matter how much they want to have that kind of lifestyle if they already have a child, this will be impossible.

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Unless they will choose to be selfish and irresponsible parents.

A married life without kids sounds scary, but in reality, it can also be fun and exciting.

Financial Freedom

Don’t deny it, having a child is not free nor cheap. It is the most costly part of building a family. imagine, raising a child is like a guaranteed 21 yrs project.

How old are you now? do you think you can still support your child this long? many couple would say, that once they have the child they can always find a way in case some financial difficulties happen.

If that is the reality why there are many unfortunate children in our society? They have been deprive of good and happy life.

Children are a gift of God if we will not take care of them responsibly we are just wasting this precious gift to a family.

Secret to a happy married life

Make an honest self assessment, you know yourself better. Are you a type of a responsible person who can promise to a child a good and happy life? if not, maybe having a child is not for you. You better just enjoy the financial freedom you would have if you would decide not to have a child.

Minimal Pain

Having a child is not just costly in terms of monetary but it also have a big emotional investment. It might give you a pain that only parents can explain.

Life is unpredictable especially in this hard time, you never know what kind of life your child would be heading to. Or what the crazy world can do to harm them.

As per many parents, the most painful they may feel is when their child is being hurt or something wrong happens.

I think you already know what I am trying to explain about this part of you are saving yourself from pain if without a child.

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I know many wouldn’t agree on the above, and will insist that having a child will help a marriage to be a happy and strong one.

But come to think of it, why there are a couple who have a child either one or more are sometimes still ending up in separation?

Because having a child cannot guarantee a happy married life. A happy marriage depends on how the couple would do their best to achieve it.

Only the couple would know what would make them happy. Either to have a child or not, no one has the right to dictate them.

Secret to a happy married life

Married life without kids is not for everyone, but if you chose to be, be ready!

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