Cocina sa Garaje Cavite Great Ambiance and Food

Cocina sa Garaje Cavite Great Ambiance and Food

Cavite is a very special place for me, this place holds many of my childhood memories good or bad.

I left this place permanently for more than a decade, I never thought that in the year 2020 I would be a constant visitor of this province.

For the past months, I couldn’t count on my fingers the number of times I went to Cavite. Either to visit my relatives or to do some business matters.

Roaming around the Bacoor area with my husband is like a tour, wherein I am sharing with him all the details, stories of the place I knew.

However, many things have changed from roads, establishments, and ambiance. I couldn’t feel anymore the province style I had in my memories. The simple province where I spent 17 years of my life is now a busy and prosperous city.

Last December 24 I went to Bacoor again for a business purpose and some personal matter. Around 7 pm, I am all set for the two hours drive back home. Before that, we need to have our dinner.

Our initial plan was to have our dinner at Digman, unfortunately, the parking space was a hassle. Great that we found this restaurant along the main road, in front of St. Michael School.

What caught our attention is their vibrant logo and tempting banner of their best-seller Unli-fried chicken. We all agreed to try their foods and postpone the first plan to have dinner at Digman.

Cocina sa Garaje Experience

No regrets, we love all the food items we order. In addition to that, we really appreciate the ambiance of the restaurant. I love their wooden table and chairs, it gives a province ambiance and complementing their calm lightings.

The restaurant interior reminds us of a homey restaurant we tried in Areni Armenia.

Most importantly, the staff we met are all good. They are accommodating, cheerful, and respectful to their customers.

Though we have some weird questions, the way they answer us is very respectful. Their staff makes our stay at Cocina sa Garaje relaxing and fun, you would agree that great customer service in all business, especially in the restaurant business is very important.

Personally, great service is the main reason for me to revisit the restaurant, the second factor is the food taste. Why? because I believe that if the staff are kind and respectful it only means that they value their work, and will surely provide a clean and great food for their customers.

The Food

Crunchy French fries for starter.

My favorite Tapsilog would be always on my list.


Ohhh looks may not be so yummy because of the fatty parts, but it was good.

Lechon Kawali with mushroom

Bangus Sinigang for my mom, she even requests if they can give her an extra soup base. She was so tired that day and want to have more soups to energize, the staffs are kind enough to grant her.

Pancit Canton

The Ambiance

I love their counter, it has a lot of details that blends to one another.

Want to add your favorite Hugot lines in this wall? why not!


For the price point, it falls in middle category. There are some cheaper option on platter while a bit pricey for the ala carte.

The Menu

(The prices are based on my visit date, it may be subject to change)


PinayExpat Rating Experience for Cocina sa Garaje


So far we have a plan to visit again Cocina sa Garaje by the first week of January 2021. I am hoping to get the same good experiences same with this visit.

If you haven’t try this restaurant guys, you should. You will not just enjoy their great food but the interior are worth for your Instagram story.

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Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored, all my comments are based on my personal experience.

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