My one of the many People’s Park Tagaytay Experience. Cavitenia tour the Bicolano.

Most of the places we visited during my December 2017 vacation are those nearby Manila due to limited time.

Just one day after our Rizal exploration at Daranak Falls & Pilila Windmill Farm we pursue our plan to go to Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is a famous spot in the province of Cavite. Its beauty and ambiance are comparable to the well known Baguio City.

But still, Tagaytay has its own distinction.

I could say that this vacation was almost perfect except for the unpredictable weather.

For the people like hubby and me who stay a quite longer in a country that we rarely experience rain. Our December trip was too much.

Since from Bicol, we weren’t able to visit those places we planned due to heavy rain. Thankfully in Manila, though it is raining we can still go to our plan as it was not continuous.

We left the house by 07:00 am of Thursday a not so good idea. The supposed to be 2 hours travel time took us almost 4 hours due to heavy traffic.

Our first stop in Tagaytay is the People’s Park in the Sky.

Growing up in Cavite I could not remember the number of times I’ve been there. But this trip is not for me, instead, I would like to show hubby the highlights of my province.

You have an option to walk or to ride a jeep going up. A fee of Php 5.00 per head or an option to rent the jeepney privately at Php 50.00 per way. Since it was a bit rainy we chose to ride then.

We are thinking maybe the park is empty due to this weather but were wrong. Despite the unfriendly weather, there are still a lot of visitors seems more enjoying the rain.

Before we start our sightseeing we bought taho to boost our energy.

People’s Park in the Sky is a perfect spot to see the beauty of Tagaytay. I wish time will come that the unfinished project of the mansion will have proceeded. Since visitors are paying the entrance fee so it should be improving at least.

The unfinished mansion

Wow! this was our reaction when we saw the below foggy view. I was a bit sad as I thought hubby wouldn’t have a chance to see the nice greeny view of Tagaytay.

View from the Mansion deck

But like what I said the weather is really unpredictable. After few minutes the fog started to dry out and gradually it shows us these breathtaking views.

We enjoy each moment of looking at these mesmerizing views. For sure once we are back in UAE we will miss the beautiful scenery of our country.

The park has a lot of stalls that sell snacks, drinks, and variety of cute souvenirs.

We left the park to look for a nice restaurant for lunch after roaming around and mini shopping.

Since the rain stops, we walk going down. This is another chance for us to chill, exercise and enjoy the day.

Stiff Road

We were discussing which restaurant to go to as we are starving when we saw this mall. I couldn’t imagine that Tagaytay is now having a mall. The simple town I knew a long time improves so much.

We ended our Tagaytay mini-tour with a sumptuous lunch at this restaurant.

The foods are so great. Out of the many pigging out days during this vacation, this is the only restaurant I haven’t heard mom’s complaining 🙂

Few of the main courses we had.

After our heavy meal, we went to Family Gateway Resort for an overnight stay.

Our Tagaytay Mini Tour Video link

Next Stop Family Gateway Resort


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