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Tapsihan in Bacoor Cavite Experience (Nov.30,2020)

Rice during breakfast may sound weird or too much for other nationalities, but for Filipinos, it is so normal,

Our meal will never be the same if it does not come with rice along with tasty viand.

One of the Pinoy’s meal types that good to have even lunch or dinner is the “Pinoy Style Breakfast” Which comes with fried rice, fried fish, beef or chicken, egg, and more.

So to name those meals, some of them are Tapsilog, Chicsilog, Bangsilog and so on.

To my foreign readers, the SI in the word means Sinangag or Fried rice. This means that all these meals come all with our favorite garlic fried rice. Now you know what to try on once you travel here to the Philippines.

Dinner at Cavite Tapsihan – Alimah Taps

Last night I was in Cavite for a meeting. After a tiring day, my body needs to have a full dinner to boost my energy for the two hours drive back home.

I was supposed to have my dinner at Balsahan Restaurant, but the meal I wanted is not available at that time. As per the staff, most of the restaurants nearby are already closed, he suggests me to try this humble small restaurant. According to him, I might like the meals serves there.

It is along the Alima main Road of Bacoor – the name is Alimah Taps. From its name, you might know what I was craving for last night. It is none other than the famous – Filipino value meal, Tapsilog.

And guess what I like the taste. The beef is tender with just the right balance of seasoning, not too salty, and not too dry. Thanks to that great- heavy meal, it satisfies not just my hunger as well as my craving.


We also order Longsilog, Lomi, and Lechon Kawali.

Tapsihan tosilog

Tapsihan lomi

Their lomi is great too

Tapsihan lechon kawali

While the lechon kawali is the usual one, it is fine but nothing so special

PinayExpat Rating Experience for Tapsihan – Alimah Taps

Alimah Taps is a small and homey restaurant. I think the maximum number of people who can fit inside is around 15.

Self Order Restaurant

Dining Area

So if you pass by this area and looking for a place for your quick meal at a reasonable price, you can give them a try.

To my dear foreign readers in UAE who love Pinoy meals so much, you don’t have to wait for your chance in coming to the Philippines my friends. You can have this meal locally with the same taste. It is available in Filipino restaurants all over UAE. I suggest you try it in Max’s Restaurant or Barrio Fiesta if you want to go to a decent restaurant. But, if you are ok with a simple, homey type of food house, there are many Pinoy’s restaurants available in Karama or Deira area.




disclaimer: The above comments are based on my experience and not to create any maliscious issue towards the restaurant.


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