Siamese Cat Philippines, The Loveliest Gift I got this 2021

How is 2021 for you guys? I hope that every one of you chose to start this year happily.

Yes no matter how painful 2020 in your perspective, we should positively start the year 2021. Always remember this is the year of Hope, New Opportunities, and another time to rise-up!

Same with some of you my 2020 was not that great as well. Many things happened that change my life routine drastically.

During the first days, adjusting was hard. But like what I mentioned in my previous article the only skills that we need to survive and last is the ability to adapt.

And I would say, because of the adaptability skills and with the help of prayer, I managed to end well my 2020.

Whenever I felt down I always chose to Stand, Face it and Adapt to the new situation quickly.

The realizations and learnings that 2020 gave me will be a big help for me to start my 2021 clearly and focused.


I was a bad cat mommy

Let me share with you once again one of the heartbreaking moment I had last year. I know not everyone will understand how painful it was for me, except for those fur babies lovers like me.

It was in the time I left my 2 fur babies in UAE.

Because of the effect of COVID crisis in our work, hubby and I decided to relocate back in the Philippines.

I have a lot of funny memories with these two chubby cats, 9 years with Simon and 2 Years with Bob

Bringing them to the Philippines was impossible at that time. Aside from the financial aspect, we don’ have enough time to process all the travel documentation.

There is some pet community group that even offers for a fund raising. They only wish to never leave my 2 cats in UAE.

Unfortunately, there was no really chance to bring them with us. It was painful but I do not have a choice but to leave them. I am just thankful that my fellow Filipina willingly adopt my 2 babies together. Though I still have the guilt of leaving them in the UAE, I know in myself that I did my best to place them in good hands.

The loveliest gift ever, a cute Siamese Cat 

During the first few days in the Philippines, I told myself that having a new cat is not in my mind yet. I don’t want to happen again that sad moment, I will not get a cat until I am sure that I will be staying in the Philippines longer.

Five months after, I think my husband already knows our decision about that matter.

I was surprised before ending the year 2020 I received this lovely gift from him. This cute, tiny creature makes my year-end so happy. The happiness that only fur parents can understand.

It is a baby boy Siamese Cat, I also named him BOB. Not to replace the memories of my first Bob but this name is very meaningful for me.

cat in uae bob

I got that name from the movie A Street Cat named Bob.  The story was about a stray cat who helped a homeless London street musician and recovering drug addict to be a better person. Bob is his only companion that never leaves him and makes him feel that there is someone who wants to be with him.

And now my BoB # 2, is our best buddy here in the Philippines. He filled our tiny room with his cuteness, happiness, and life.

Meet my BoB – Siamese Cat 

DAY 01

He was a bit shy and silent for about two hours, after he ate his boiled chicken he starts roaming around the room.

Siamese Cat

DAY 02 – 03

Siamese Cat sleeping

December 31, 2020

He was hiding under the pillow. Poor Bob, he was shaking from all the fireworks and noise he hears from the neighborhood.

January 02, 2021

After a week Bob is getting comfortable with us already. He loves to sit, sleep between us. I think that is too much Bob, later on, you need to sleep in your designated area only!

Siamese Cat love to sleep near their hooman

January 07, 2021

The first time I saw him feeling unloved or tampo moment. He normally lay or play around in our bed, but this time he was sad as I stopped him from running around.

Siamese Cat feeling unloved

January 10, 2021

It was 11:30 pm, I was busy working at night, tired and sleepy. But when I see this cutie pie lying with husband’s arm I was like…. ohhh your so cute bob! I couldn’t resist to take his photo. Hubby was laughing when he saw this photo the following day.

Siamese Cat lying in my husband arm

January 17, 2021

He was feeling cold, I made him a DIY outfit to make him feel warm, and it actually helps.


Though I received Bob less than a week before ending 2020, I consider him a gift of 2021. A gift that will be in my journey starting this year, for sure like with Simon and Bob # 1 I will have a great, sweet memories with you Bob!

Relax guys, I am not getting crazy at this moment and thinking he is a real human baby! I am playing with him and every time I am covering him with blanket he would stop and pretend to sleep like this.

Thanks for dropping by and taking time to know Bob well.

Do you have a Siamese Cat? share us your cute moment with them, you can send it at, and mention why do you think that Siamese is one of the sweetest cat ever! 

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